A Grandma’s Love

We can all agree that, for the most part, grandparents — grandmothers in particular — are angels in the flesh. There’s no doubt that they are the best babysitters of all time and a human shield when you’re in trouble with your parents. Not to mention, they’re the best cooks.

Like most people, I was blessed with two grandmas. My Grandma, my mom’s mom, was the literal definition of an angel on Earth. Although I was only 5-years-old when we lost her, she still had an impact on my life, and everyone that met her was changed for the better.

My other grandmother is a little different. She’s my stepdad’s mom. But let me set the record straight right now, she is my grandma. But that’s not what my brother’s and I call her. We call her Mana, pronounced just like the beginning of the word mayonnaise. Blame my brothers for that.

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She’s like most grandmothers; she’s strong, independent, sassy, giving and beautiful inside and out. But I hold her to a different standard than I would most people. She took me in and loved me when she didn’t have to, in the exact same way my step-dad did: without any hesitation.

When you think of your grandparents, you think of someone that is wise beyond their years. You think of someone with an infinite amount of stories that you’ve grown up listening to. You think of someone that asks if you’ve eaten, and even if you have, they fix you something anyway. Don’t ever tell them you haven’t eaten, because chances are they’ll whoop you and your parents.

I’m a firm believer that God has a plan for each and every one of our lives. And to back up why I believe that, God brought my Mana and my stepfather, who by the way, is my dad, into my life when my mom and I needed them most. He knew that she would love my mom just like a daughter and me like her own grandchild. There’s never been a doubt in my mind, not even day one, that she’s as much my grandmother as my Grandma was.

I hope your grandmother has had the same effort on you that my Mana has had on me. I hope she loves you unconditionally and for who you are. I hope she supports you in everything you do. I hope she’s one of your main cheerleaders throughout your life. I hope she shows God’s love to you through her. I hope you get to grow up with her in your life. And I hope she kills all of the spiders for you like my Mana does for me!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to keep my Grandma very long… but God sent me my Mana because I know my Grandma and God both knew my mom and I would need her.


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